Life Saving Stories

By:Paisley Haddad- Steppin Out Radio Team

Our job in Communications is to tell a story, and at our client’s radio station, that is what they are all about. At Steppin Out Radio, their mission is to tell the stories of influential people that have struggled with different types of addictions and other life challenges.. Denise McIntee, the founder of Steppin Out Radio, does all interviews herself and seeks to share her guest’s stories to a wide audience, including the Armed Services Radio Network and the United Steel Worker’s Radio. Broadcasting to the Armed Services Radio Network is very important to Denise because she feels that it is essential for our troops who are struggling with addiction or other hardships to hear from people who have overcome their hardships and rebuilt their life. As well as having guests that are just everyday people, Denise McIntee also features celebrities on her show to have her listeners understand that addiction can happen to anybody, even if everything in their life seems perfect.

Our job working with Steppin Out Radio is to help them be able to keep finding guests to be on the show to keep the inspirational stories able to be shared with others who might need them the most. Stories that are told on Steppin Out Radio could be just what a person who has addiction needs to hear in their hardest times. In PR and Advertising alike, our job is to tell a story of whoever or whatever we are promoting, but Steppin Out Radio speaks for itself with all of the great work they do. Being a non-profit, Steppin Out Radio needs support from their listeners to be able to do what they do, and that is why they have a gala in the spring to honor stars from different industries, such as sports, TV, music, and more for telling their stories about addiction. This is a big event for Steppin Out Radio, and our team hopes to help them work on it.