My NRC Experience

By: Olivia Milano – Big Mouth Coffee

Hi!! My name is Olivia Milano and I am a senior at Marist, studying Public Relations and Advertising! Currently, I am the Account Executive for Big Mouth Coffee, which is a new coffee shop located in Beacon, New York! 

I applied to North Road Communications when I saw a Facebook post while mindlessly scrolling during my sophomore year. I was mostly interested because I thought that it would be a cool resume builder. As I got more involved, I realized that these real-world experiences are such a valuable asset right here on campus! The things I learned while being a member of NRC have helped me in work I completed during my internships, and lessons that I will take with me throughout my career. 

I would say that I have had a very well-rounded experience in NRC! My first semester, I served as an Account Representative on the Publicity team. I worked with my team to curate social media posts and helped plan our annual Chili Cook-off! The following semester, I was studying abroad in the ever amazing Florence, Italy, therefore I was not too involved in NRC. When I got back on campus, I served as an Account Representative for the National Alliance on Mental Health - Mid Hudson, and got to help form a relationship with our brand new client – Big Mouth Coffee Roasters!! This semester, I am the Account Executive for BMC and it has been such an amazing learning experience!! 

To give a little background on Big Mouth Coffee, it opened in January of 2018 and is located on Main Street in Beacon, NY!! They collaborate with local artists and decorate their shop with their artwork for short periods at a time, so you get quality coffee and an art show all in one! Fun fact: the shop used to be a kickboxing gym, so it is a very unique and large space!! They use their unique space by also hosting movie nights with the local movie theatre every few weeks! We have a lot of exciting plans for the upcoming semester, and I cannot wait to see what is in store for the future! 

The classes I have taken while at Marist have fully prepared me to enter the ever-so-scary "real world", but North Road Communications has really helped me take what I learned in the classroom and apply it in a real-life situation. I am so sad to only have one semester left here at Marist, but I know that this club is going to continue doing great things!