Why NRC?

By: Kelsey and Allison - HPVEC Team

Allison and Kelsey are both new members of North Road Communications and are thrilled with the number of opportunities that have been presented to them and the knowledge they have gained. Kelsey is a Junior Public Relations major and Allison is a Sophomore Public Relations and Advertising major. Both teammates had heard of NRC and had a slight idea of what it entailed but were eager to get to know more.

Kelsey was made aware of NRC through a friend in her class and gained a lot of insight as to what the club does. Kelsey learned that NRC is a student-run IMC firm and that each student gets to work in a group to produce work for a real client. Interested by her new knowledge, Kelsey applied to join the firm/club. Due to her already extensive resume, not only was she accepted as a new member but as an Account Executive as well. In the few short months that she has been an AE, Kelsey has worked closely with Hyde Park Visual Environment Committee and has produced work such as pitches, newsletter templates, assistance with MailChimp, and more. Kelsey is excited to continue her work and enhance her IMC knowledge with the help of NRC.

Allison discovered NRC while working closely with Jackie Gruber through PRSSA. Allison knew she wanted to be a part of NRC for the experience in the industry and networking opportunities. After working with the firm, Kelsey, and their client Hyde Park Visual Environment Committee, Allison has accelerated her knowledge and understanding of integrated marketing communications. Being only a sophomore, Allison has just begun the introductory classes of communications and public relations specifically. Being a part of NRC has been a worthwhile experience for Allison because of the networking, experience within the field, and the mentoring she has gotten from working closely with Kelsey.

Both Allison and Kelsey are advocates for new members, especially those who are intimidated by what they may think the club entails. They are thankful that they receive help and advice from student mentors, the firm directors, and the board members. Each person has made them feel comfortable enough to ask questions and to approach them if guidance is needed. Being a part of NRC is an excellent tool for networking and enhancing your knowledge in integrated marketing communications. It gives you hands-on experience, opportunities to build your resume/portfolio, and the chance to work with some great organizations.