In My Shoes: Account Executive

Hey everyone! My name is Emily Crowley and I am a senior here at Marist. I’m earning my bachelor’s degree in Media Studies with a concentration is in television and film production. I also have a double minor in public relations and journalism so needless to say I love communications! Currently I serve North Road Comm as the Account Executive for the National Alliance on Mental Health - Mid Hudson.

When entering college three falls ago I wasn’t sure what field of communications I wanted to spend my post grad career in so I decided to try them all. After taking classes across all different disciplines I realized how intertwined these three concentrations are.

Of course my public relation classes have helped teach me how to compile media lists, write bios, pitch, and write press releases but they have also helped me learn to pitch myself.  Pitching is all about knowing your brand and what brand do you know better than YOU!? These pitching skills have helped me outside the classroom by landing myself internships and leadership positions on campus.

Account Executive Emily Crowley 

Account Executive Emily Crowley 

My journalism classes have helped improve my research skills, grammatical skills, and personal skills. While investigating and interviewing sources for my articles I am improving my work ethic that will later help me to investigate the companies I am writing pitches for. By working with the student newspaper on campus I now understand what happens once an articles is pitched and what happens in order to get my pitch on the website. This also allows me to see the timeline of when pitches should be sent.

Having the ability to film and edit video pieces as well as create other forms of digital media allows me to offer more to a company. My video skills can offer my client a new and unique way to reach their target audience.

While listing my major and minors to families on my campus tours they often look at me as if I am crazy for having a wide variety of concentrations but honestly, I would not change a single class I have taken. I encourage all aspiring communications majors to add multiple minors or even double concentrate. I also highly encourage them to become involved in North Road Comm as a way to bring all their skills together into one project! Giving back to local non-profits while improving your  communication skills is a very rewarding experience.