A New Chapter for North Road Communications

My name is Emily and I’m the Assistant Firm Director at North Road Communications. I’m really excited to be kicking off this blog series, but even more excited to lead a new chapter of NRC.

Each summer, NRC takes a short hiatus as students go on summer break. Summer 2016 was a bit different.

As communications majors, we are always tracking and monitoring industry trends to deeper understand what the “real world” will hold for us post-graduation. In an increasingly digital world, Integrated Marketing Communications (IMC) has been the secret success factor of many top brands. It’s no surprise that in recent semesters, our clients’ needs reflected these trends.

During summer 2016, we began the process to grow NRC from strictly a PR firm to incorporating IMC services. Myself, NRC Leadership, and our faculty advisors were constantly communicating about how to make NRC bigger and better for the 2016 - 2017 school year.

Many conference calls, emails, and meetings later, big ideas became semester plans.

The underlying goal was to transform NRC into an integrated communications agency, combining public relations, advertising, and creative talent to provide our clients with top-notch work. We want to provide the best work we can for clients, and this requires an academically-diverse talent pool.

Fall 2016 marked the first semester that NRC has transformed to include integrated communications services. We took on a new client, Made with Love Skincare, to start fresh with public relations and advertising platforms. This past year, we've been developing strategy and tactics to further the brand from an integrated communications perspective. 

Firm Directors: Emily Burnham (left) and Molly Costello (right) at a weekly North Road Communications firm meeting

Firm Directors: Emily Burnham (left) and Molly Costello (right) at a weekly North Road Communications firm meeting

This year our firm has grown to 40 members, nearly doubling last year’s roster. Firm members are not just public relations majors, but digital media, media studies, creative advertising, and management students.

We are beyond excited to see what work we can create for our clients in the future and how NRC will evolve with these new services. We hope that you follow our blog to stay up-to-date with how our firm members are constantly growing and learning in the firm!

-- Emily Burnham is the Assistant Firm Director at North Road Communications